Zyppah Works!

I never mind my snoring when I was still single. I am independent and lived by myself since I started working in the city. For me, snoring meant I had a good night sleep. As they say, I sleep very soundly. This thinking changed when I met Cindy.

I clued her in regarding my snoring issue, and she said that it was all right. Great, right? Not really. We were fine until we went camping together. It was a very romantic day. I just proposed to her on top of the mountain, and she said “Yes!” I was literally on top of the world that moment.

But things turned sour the following morning when she discovered that I turn to a chainsaw when I sleep. She said she would have fallen asleep better with mosquitoes in our tent than me. I was ready to laugh, but her face was dead serious. I felt that she was reconsidering the answer she gave me yesterday.

The following day, she gave me a box. I already assumed it was the ring, but to my surprise, it was a mouth guard. She told me it was Zyppah. I did not know what it was for, so she explained that it was an anti-snoring device that she was using.

She told me that it was okay that I have a snoring problem but she was just aghast that I am not using anything to address it. That was the reason why she was so upset last time. She wanted me to give the product a try so I looked up the zyppah review to see what other people think about this device. The product came with a 90-day guarantee so she can still return the Zyppah if it does not work.

Cindy helped me with the fitting process. It was very easy. We just need to prepare hot and cold water. After soaking the Zyppah in hot water for about 45 to 60 seconds, the plastic softened, and I made a cast of my teeth to get a good fit. It was the first time I had something in my mouth like that, so it felt a little uncomfortable. Cindy assured me that it is perfectly normal to feel that way because my mouth is still adjusting to the device.

After getting a good cast of my teeth, we soaked the Zyppah in cold water to cool it down. I tried the mouth guard again, and it fits me perfectly. Cindy told me that the device works by keeping my jaws forward so that my air passage is clear all the time. She also said that the elastic band is meant to keep my tongue in place so that it will not obstruct my air passage, too.

The moment of truth came when it was time to sleep. It felt a bit uncomfortable when I wore it the first time, but it was nothing compared to waking up refreshed beside my equally well-rested partner.

Cindy and I are now married, and we can never go to bed without our Zyppah. I do not feel the discomfort I felt when I first tried the product anymore. The product is effective, and we hope other people will give it a try to solve their snoring problem. Thank you Zyppah for the good night sleep!

Tips on How You Can End Snoring Naturally and Permanently

Although snoring is not considered as a disease, you should not take it for granted because it may lead to long-term health problems.

That’s right, you won’t only have social problems (such as embarrassment), but you will get the medical consequences, especially if it leads to obstructive sleep apnea where you stop breathing during your sleep.

Don’t worry though; you can avoid the dangerous effect of snoring by following the tips herein.

Snorers who want to quit snoring once and for all shouldn’t rely on snoring devices, because they simply don’t work – pure sleep reviews expose the truth behind mouthpieces that claim to stop snoring, but if you really want to quit snoring the first essential tip to help stop snoring is that you should know what the causes of your snoring are.

How do you know what makes you snore? You can identify from the following points:

  1. Your mouth structure

In general, snoring is caused by the throat tissues you use when you breathe. When there is abnormality in the tissues located at the back of your throat, then there may be obstruction in the air passage.

The excess of tissues that may cause snoring can be due to you being overweight. If this happens, you should drop some pounds by exercising regularly and eat healthier.

  1. Your smoking habit

Snoring can also be triggered through smoking. The substances in the smoke will affect the cell of esophagus, hence there will be surplus of mucus so that the esophagus can adapt to the new harsher condition.

The condition will trigger snoring because if there are such substances in the air passage, hindrance will occur.
When you have identified that it is the one that causes you snore, then quit smoking immediately.

  1. Your alcohol consumption

You should stop consuming alcohol because it will make your throat muscles relax. Alcohol is not good for your health in general too. Therefore, stop now before it’s too late.

  1. Your sleep position

Your sleep position can trigger snoring if you sleep on your back. The solution is to sleep sideways so that your tongue and jaw won’t be forced to fall back. You should also create a regular and healthy sleeping pattern.

  1. Your nasal problems

Biological factor such as nasal problems can also hinder your air way. If there is nasal congestion, snoring can happen. If the problem is caused by the nasal problems, the tip is that you can use nasal strips to quit snoring.

If you want to stop snoring permanently and naturally without having to use devices or take medicines, you can practice a stop snoring exercise. This exercise is simple and meant to strengthen your muscles.

Does this exercise work? You bet, because thousands of people have been benefited from it. This may or may not work for you, but you should never quit before you’ve tried your best.